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Gold Sponsors
Shifang Environmental &Bio-energy Company has been promoting the implementation of anaerobic digestion in China for more than 20 years. Large scale demonstrations and applications are included in the realms of highly-concentrated organic wastewater treatment, landfill gas pollution control, and kitchen waste disposal, etc.. Shifang has operated over 400 industrial anaerobic digesters, which exemplify the sustainable application and development of anaerobic digestion in China.

Hangzhou Energy & Environmental Engineering Co.,Ltd is a leading Chinese biogas and bio-methane company. As a High-Tech certificated enterprise, HEEE specializes in designing, constructing and general contracting (Turnkey) of large scale biogas and bio-methane projects, as well as developing and manufacturing equipment for biogas plants. With over 30 years engineering experience, HEEE has designed and constructed more than 200 large and medium-sized biogas plants home and abroad, the raw material covers organic waste from agricultural, municipal and industrial fields. And the technologies and equipment from HEEE have been successfully exported to Kazakhstan, Denmark, Thailand, Bangladesh and Japan etc.

Worldwide, PowerLink with full experience for CHP system design, operation and maintenance, and we are happy to provide the equipment of CHP, power generator sets, heat management systems, biogas desulfuration, biogas holders, automatic engineering control systems, project life cycle management software’s; transmission and distribution agents, construction and EPC project management, investment budget analysis for investors; training on products application and engineering, training on after sales services, customized distributed CHP system solutions, as well as cogeneration new energy system solution and turnkey solutions. The business model of PLSHA is full integration of products sales, energy performance contracting, EPC projects management, Operation and maintenance management.

Wuhan Cubic Optoelectronics Co., Ltd is a National high and new technology enterprise specialized in gas sensors, gas analyzer ,ultrasonic gas flowmeters, and IOT solution provider based on core sensors.
Wuhan Cubic have the capacity of R&D, manufacturing, sales and after-sales,developed core sensor technologies of infrared, thermal conductivity, ultrasonic, laser Raman and so on with independent intellectual property rights,Successively introduced the on-line and portable infrared biogas composition analyzer,infrared natural gas calorimeter,ultrasonic biogas flowmeter and so on biogas, natural gas composition and flow measurement instrument and meter.Our market includes all the provinces in China and nearly 80 countries and districts in the world.

Silver Sponsors

SUEZ NWS Limited (“SUEZ NWS”) is a joint venture between SUEZ and NWS Holdings Limited that encompasses four essential business segments – Water Management, Recycling and Waste Recovery, Water Infrastructure Construction and Consultancy. It is the leading player of sustainable resource management in Greater China.

MASUN develops a series of products of anaerobic reactors, and packaged technology of organic waste treatment from cities and countryside. MASUN commits to provide customers a complete solution for waste anaerobic treatment.

Biothane is the anaerobic brand of Veolia Water Technologies. Resourcing the World is the mission we aim to achieve by providing leading innovations for water treatment. We have a portfolio of highly effective technologies that can be applied in a vast variety of sectors and installations. We develop and implement sustainable solutions with a focus on water re-use, production and recovery of renewable energy and valorisation of waste into products.

Puracis a world leader in contracting for treatment of wastewater, process water anddrinking water both in municipal and industrial market, as well as innovative treatment of biological waste and upgrading of biogas. In particular during recent years we have focused a lot on the organic waste treatment and sludge treatment market and have achieved some success. We have more than 100 projects in china, and with the significant performance in the organic waste treatment area, we are awarded “leading company of anaerobic technology in the solid waste treatment industry” by china wate net in year 2016. Purac china also signed five municipal sludge disposal projects with Beijing Drainage Group during last two years, the total capacity of these projects reaches 6128t/d (calculated by 20% solid content), biogas produced will be used for heating and power generation.

Cambi is a world-leading technology provider for conversion of wastewater treatment sludge and food waste to biogas. Cambi's patented technology for advanced anaerobic digestion focuses on sludge pre-treatment, via the Thermal Hydrolysis Process (CambiTHP®) with pressure disintegration. The company was founded in 1989 in Norway. Today Cambi has offices in 9 different countries in Asia, Europe and North America.
Cambi is the best-known brand for thermal hydrolysis, with a global market share of 85%. Since the first project (HIAS, in Norway) in 1995, almost 60 wastewater treatment plants have chosen Cambi, with 48 plants in operation and 12 under construction. Cambi plants process 1.64 million tons of dry solids per year, serving about 60 million people.

Puritek is a leading environmental technologies and engineered solutions provider for chemical industries and chemical industry parks. We provide anaerobic granular sludge bioreactor, aerobic carrier-based biofilm reactor, and catalytic ozone oxidation in color and refractory COD removal for direct effluent discharge. We also provide UF/RO for effluent reclamation and MVR for zero liquid discharge.
Puritek ventured into North America markets through acquiring Toronto based Ecolo Odor Control Technologies Inc. Using proprietary formulations of natural plant extracts, Ecolo provides effective solutions for removal of formaldehyde, H2S, NH3 and various foul odors for indoor households and outdoor at treatment plants, landfills, refuse transfer stations and lagoons.

Bronze Sponsors

Bioprocess Control AB is a technology and market leader of advanced instrumentation and control technologies for research and commercial applications in biogas industry. The company locates at Ideon Science Park in Lund Sweden and brings to market more than 18 years of industry leading research in instrumentation, control and automation of anaerobic digestion processes. Today Bioprocess Control is well recognized worldwide within the biogas research sector and has smart analytical instruments export to more than 60 countries and regions.

Anhui Tianma Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design and manufacture of biogas engineering equipments. We have a professional R & D team, and have sold hundreds of equipments including straw pretreatment machine, anaerobic tank mixing machine, biogas purification equipment and anaerobic experimental equipments.
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